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With thousands of items listed on eBay daily it's easy to see that there will be a percentage of these listings with titles that have typos or are spelt incorrectly. Subsequently when buyers are searching for a particular item those listings with incorrect titles will not appear in the search results and usually will close with no bids.

It is true that eBay typos can provide real bargains for the determined searcher.
This Free Service will check for the most common auction typos and misspellings also known as fatfingers mistakes and bring you back the results instantly.
No Software to buy or download! - Search eBay Auctions & Save Money Today!

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Simply enter the correct spelling of the item(s) you are looking for in the top box and press Find Now - will do the rest with the results appearing in a new window. The typo search works best with one or two words - if you receive an error when searching then check that you haven't added too many search words.The other options are pretty self explanatory.

Search for eBay typos with this free web-based online auction tool at the following eBay sites:
UK | USA | Australia | Canada | France | Italy | Netherlands | Spain | Belgium | Singapore | India | Ireland

Q) Do you want to setup regular automated email misspelling/standard searches? Never miss another bargain - you create the searches and our Free auction reminder Tool will email the results at intervals you choose! Try it today visit:

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